Tampere warehouse store

You can pick up your Frenchic online store purchases from the Tampere warehouse store

In the store, you can get to know painted color models, furniture and you can see wall paint shades painted.

The small store in the heart of Tampere is full of handmade treasures, brands that you won't find anywhere else!

Pappilan Sunday Shop is located in Tampere on an atmospheric and bohemian cultural street at Ojakatu 1.

Frenchic products and much more from the Tampere store.

We mainly represent the brands and product lines of small businesses, family businesses and female entrepreneurs

We value plastic-free manufactured and packaged products, products that are safe and long-lasting for professional use by craftsmen as well.

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The supplies we sell are multi-purpose, durable and suitable for professional use, college use and also course activities.

Come hear about the techniques and versatile use of the products!

New - come to the painting technique course!

This course is suitable for both beginners and those who paint a lot.

The course does not involve painting, but covers various painting techniques and the products needed for them, as well as the versatile use of the products with examples: craquelure, consumption, waxing, transfers, stamps, decoupage, saltwash, molds, epoxy.

The course is also suitable for a craftsman who wants more information about the versatile use of products for his own production.

In this course, you will get an idea of ​​how you can use different products and techniques as widely and versatile as possible in your own project.

You will get to hear good tricks and tips for making and see both the products and the shades on the spot.

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See the pricing and bring your friends to the course.

Private events

You can order a product presentation, technical training or a customized one-to-one appointment for a small hobby group or similar at the Tampere warehouse store.

Contact us by email: info@pappilansundayshop.com or stop by to ask more.

Color consultation - find your interior shade

You can make an appointment for a paid 30-minute color consultation.

The reserved time is paid in advance: 85 eur/ 30 min.

Tuesdays 14:00

Wednesdays 18:00

Saturdays 15:00

Inquiries and reservations by email: info@pappilansundayshop.com

The series we represent

You can find from us e.g.:

IOD transfer images

IOD molds

IOD Paint Inlays

IOD stamps

Art Resin



Two Fussy Blokes

Frog Tape


Color circles

French Paint®


Order from this online store and pick up at the store. Save on postage.

Stop by the store and at the same time get good advice on what to do and see examples and models of painted surfaces, different techniques and implementations.

The product series have been developed for furniture and interior art painting, but also other craftsmen, e.g. confectioners, textile artists, painters, carpenters, etc. have found the series.

Pappila's Sunday Shop, Tampere's frenchic paint shop.

At Pappila's Sunday Shop, you will be guided and advised in using the products and implementing various techniques.

Various presentation evenings are organized in the store for private consumers, instructors of courses and educational institutions as well as students and business groups.

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Welcome to visit Tampere's most beautiful street - Ojakatu!

Rectory Sunday Shop

Ojakatu 1, 33100 Tampere


Wed-Thurs: 11am-6pm

Fri: 11-17

Sat: 11-15

You can check the different opening hours here.

Tampere's Frenchic store Pappila Sunday Shop.

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