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        Award-winning chalk paint series Frenchic Paint.
        'It's The Passion, It's The People, It's The Paint!

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        "Starting as a retailer of Frenchic paints has been a decision that I have not regretted for a single day." I think that's what I said recently when I was asked about my feelings about the first year as a retailer.

        I founded Minteri Design ten years ago. After all, the idea was to act as a sideline. Over the years, however, the passion for handcrafting and creating unique products grew. I eventually moved as the business grew
        became a full-time entrepreneur and opened a boutique together with another entrepreneur in Kuusankoski Taideruukki Kouvola. There is also a study in the same space.

        As the company grew, I came across these high-quality and easy-to-use paints half by accident, and after a little thought, I decided to seize the opportunity and apply to become a Frenchic distributor.

      • When the opportunity presented itself, I thought for a few hours. I quickly came to the conclusion that this is just the perfect little leap towards something new, which the growth and development of the company requires. The delicious shade selection and versatility of the paints have also given a new impetus to the development of our own product line. The newest are various recycled products and furniture that get a new life with small repairs
        and with the new wonderful paint finish.

      • Painting doesn't even feel like work, even though we paint the company's products. Of course, it has to be painted quite a lot in your free time as well, and I don't think there is a piece of clothing in the closet that doesn't have at least a couple of small paint splatters. Most of the products are made in the home workshop, where there are also a few cheerful splashes of color on the floor.

      • A few cans of paint must have gone upside down at speed. As I recall, the floor is decorated with at least a couple of big colored spots, in shades of Dusky Blush and Apple of my Eye from the Al Fresco series.
        Then those wonderful customers. Those customer encounters and pictures of painting projects that leave a good mood. That feeling when customers excitedly send each other pictures of the nicer results when they get them
        finish the painting project. I know that feeling. When I choose the shade myself for the products or my own painting project, the feeling is a bit like in a candy store.
        Often the lids of several different jars fall open, resulting in a new, self-mixed shade or a unique multi-colored piece of furniture.

        The last year has been a turning point in my own career as an entrepreneur. The role of Frenchic goals cannot be underestimated at this point. I have learned a lot of new things and I hope I have been helpful to customers as well. However, this is not the case when choosing a goal
        only one-sided listing of things, but when the customer leaves, with a fruitful conversation, the dealer himself has often received new inspiration or at least a smile on his face due to a pleasant customer encounter.

      • In addition to my own product line, the paints are a big part of the fact that I can say that I am doing my dream job. Dispense
        products you like and meet wonderful customers!

        Sunny painting days everyone! However, remember that it is not recommended to paint in direct sunlight.

        Minteri Design

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