Returns and refunds

New - we pack even more in recycled material

You will notice that your order may be packed in a used box or recycled material has been used as packaging material. Your shipment can even be packed in a box with another company's printing.

For our part, we want to increase the number of uses and recyclability of materials related to our business operations, which fits well with other environmentally conscious values ​​of our operations.

We listen carefully to customer feedback about the use of recycled material in our shipments - we hope that the world is already ready to do a little more in recycling materials.


Although it is very unlikely that you will want to return the products you purchased from this online store, please do so within 14 days from the date of purchase and follow the instructions below.

Read the instructions to the end of the page.

Note! We only refund the price of unopened and salable products, not shipping costs.

1. Send us an email to with the subject RETURN [Order number], and let us know in the message that you want to return one (or more) of your products. You can find your order number in the invoice email we sent you when the product was purchased.

2. Return the product using the return code and carefully packaged. The product must be unopened and in its original packaging without damage or markings. Please note that you pay the product return and exchange costs yourself if you use a return method other than returning with a return code. You are also responsible for the costs if the product is damaged or lost during the return. Take the carefully packed return package to the MATKAHUOLTO office (Ex: R-Kiosk) and give the clerk the return code.

Attach to the return:
Telephone number

Order number
Account number

Return code : 9555507/MATHAHUOLTO

"Frenchic Paint Finland" c/o Pappila Sunday Shop

Once the returned product has been received at the warehouse and checked, we will contact you again and inform you that the product has been received and take the necessary measures.


Note Unclaimed package / returned shipment is not a return.

It is possible to resend returned packages for 25 eur shipping and handling costs. The invoice will be sent automatically when the shipment has been returned and checked. By paying the invoice, the products will be sent again to the same address or pick-up location.


Send us an e-mail, a picture of the product and (from the batch number on the lid of the paint can or product) a message about the issue. Attach to the message the information about the place of purchase of the product, the time and your own contact information: .

We do not refund products that the customer has decided to use, e.g. paint.

Be prepared to return the product or product packaging before the final processing of the complaint. The return is free for you when you use the Matkahuolto return code according to the return instructions.

You can only return products purchased from this online store to us.

If you bought your Frenchic product from our dealer, please contact us directly at to the place of purchase to check that company's return policy and follow their instructions.

Shipping delays and damage, returned shipments

The sender, Frenchic Paint Finland, is not responsible for the operation or manner of operation of the selected Transport Company or any other company (e.g. Posti, Schenker, Matkahuolto, etc.).
For example, if you have chosen fast delivery, the choice of delivery method does not affect the processing and packaging queue of the products, but orders are always processed in the order of arrival. The transport of your package is provided by the transport company, not Frenchic Finland.
Contact us at to the transport company and act according to their instructions in the case of errors or complaints related to transport or shipment handling.
The recipient is always responsible for monitoring, tracing and receiving the shipment.
We recommend that you download Matkahuolto's package application , where you can track your package's journey or, if necessary, change the location of the pick-up point.
The sender is not responsible for lost or delayed shipments. Please note that many parcel pick-up points have reduced the storage time for parcels by up to half of the usual.

An unclaimed package or a returned shipment is not a return

It is possible to resend returned packages for 25 eur shipping and handling costs. The invoice will be sent automatically when the shipment has been returned and checked. By paying the invoice, the products will be sent again to the same address or pick-up location within 7 days.
Products in resent packages do not have the right of return or exchange, and we are not responsible for the condition of returned and resent packages or products. We do not resend packages where, without opening the package, you can see that the product inside the package is damaged, for example a leak.

Matkahuolto delivers Frenchic paints to your home.

Instructions and recommendations

Take care of the package and your products even after collection

We do not compensate for freezing or frosting of the products during shipment or after delivery, for example, and we do not accept frosted or frozen product(s).
Water-based Frenchic paint is susceptible to freezing, so you should not leave paint in a cold car in freezing weather, transport or store paint outside in freezing temperatures or too cold indoors, or order paint in an outdoor vending machine. Frenchic paints are 100% water-based. It is not recommended to use frozen/frozen paint.

Test and experiment with shades before a larger project

We make every effort to ensure that the shades in the online store correspond as closely as possible to the correct shades, but the shades may vary on different devices (depending on several factors, such as screen settings). This means that we cannot guarantee that the paint will match exactly what you see on the screen. Order a color chart, a small jar of paint or visit your nearest retailer to see the colors yourself. The shade mark on the side of the paint cans does not correspond 100% to the shade of the paint for printing reasons. We recommend visiting a Frenchic dealer to view color charts and painted shade samples and try the product before a larger project. The website has several instructions and tips for choosing a shade, we always recommend trying the paint first before starting a bigger project. Read more instructions on this page.

Also, make sure you reserve enough paint for your project:

Make sure you reserve enough paint to complete the project. Standard industry advice is that if you need more than one can of paint, make sure they are from the same batch (batch number) or, if that is not possible, mix the paint batches before painting to ensure a consistent end result. Unmixed or carelessly mixed paint can produce a large shade difference compared to a carefully mixed shade.
Mixing the paint carefully (long and deep) is important for the right shade.
If spot painting is required, we recommend painting the entire area instead of a small spot painting, so that the repair work is as inconspicuous as possible.

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