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Whether you're painting furniture, walls, doors, moldings, kitchen cabinets or ceramic tiles, you'll find everything you need for painting projects and surface renovations in the versatile Frenchic Paint® series.

Odorless and non-draining Frenchic paint is in a class of its own in terms of paintability!

You don't need primers or primers when using the award-winning Frenchic series. Fast drying time of the layers: 1-2 hours depending on the series.

You can find the work instructions and applicability of Frenchic paints in the information of each product group.

When you place your order today, your product will be sent to you in a few business days from Tampere . You can also pick up your order from the Tampere warehouse store without shipping costs.

Let your imagination fly and experience the joy of making with the award-winning Frenchic paint set!

Also read a quick guide to choosing the right paint here.

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