Furniture paint Lazy Range

Lazy Range - award-winning paint series

Lazy Range paint has innovative and new features that you won't find in other paint ranges:

  • Thanks to the 'Self Leveling' feature, the paint surface spreads as if by itself and there are almost no or no brush marks left on the surface - the surface becomes wonderfully smooth easily.

  • ' Self Priming ' means no adhesive paint is needed.

  • Thanks to the 'Self Sealing' feature, the painted surface no longer needs to be protected like conventional lime paints, but the surface immediately becomes durable and beautiful as it is.

Suitable for: wood, metal, laminate, MDF surfaces

Lazy Range is a completely new, award-winning and durable waxy chalk paint for your wooden furniture or for painting kitchen cabinets

Product information and work instructions: Click on the product and open the 'Information' tab.

Also read the useful painting instructions before you start!

All Frenchic paint sets are EN71:3 certified, so it is safe to paint even children's toys.

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