Delivery terms - International Delivery

We deliver products to Finland, Sweden and Denmark

We deliver Frenchic Paint® to Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Please check that you have entered your address,

your email and phone number correctly for package delivery. You will receive an automatic shipment notification and a tracking code in your email. The correctness of the information is the customer's responsibility.

Monitoring and reception of the shipment is the responsibility of the recipient

If the chosen transport company does not reach the recipient in the home delivery, your package will probably be taken to the nearest pick-up point. The tracking code tells you where your package is - you can call the local pick-up point.
Check on the product tab: "Delivery methods", whether your chosen delivery includes a call or notification of shipment. All home delivery options do not include calling in advance or notifying the customer. The selected transport company, for example Matkahuolto, is responsible for notification services.
If you don't hear about the shipment and you haven't received the tracking code in your email (check your spam), send us an email and we'll help you track the package.
Please remember that there are no shipments on weekends, and that many locations have significantly shortened the storage time for unclaimed packages.
An unclaimed package/returned shipment can be resent for 25 EUR paid shipping costs.
An unclaimed package / returned shipment is not a return.

We use as much recycled material as packaging material as possible

The plastic films, Frenchic bags and packaging materials we use for packaging are largely eco-material. We pack even small purchases in packages, because the delivery of letter mail takes longer for the customer.
Please remember to keep the easily freezing paint away from extreme temperatures both in summer and winter when you have picked up the package - don't leave paint in, for example, a cold car or in direct sunlight. We do not replace frozen paint.


2-5 business days, Matkahuolto

Order the paints directly to your door or choose the nearest pick-up point yourself - fast and safe delivery, starting at only 8.50/order.

Our delivery costs always remain the same, even if you order more at once. You can easily find all our delivery costs in the information of each product, on the 'Delivery methods' tab - flexibly choose the delivery that suits you.

Frenchic Finland is a domestic family business and a safe online store - our products are always sent to you as quickly as possible from Tampere, Finland.


We will send an order confirmation by e-mail immediately after placing the order .


The sender is not responsible for the operation of the selected Transport Company in any way
The recipient is always responsible for monitoring, tracing and receiving the shipment.
The sender is not responsible for lost or delayed shipments.
Uncollected shipment is not a return.
It is not possible to return resent products or exchange/compensate for products damaged in transit.
For return questions, contact the sender by email and specify the pieces, quantities and damage in the message. Attach pictures.

Products cannot be returned without shipment-specific approval.

Any returns must take into account the condition of the products: you can return products that are unused and in their original packaging.

The customer is responsible for the costs of the return. A copy of the shipping list with the reason for the return is attached to the return. Products that cannot be exchanged according to industry practice are excluded from the right of return: products ordered separately for the customer, discounted products and products that have been removed from the selection.

Returns sent by cash on delivery, credit package or post-demand will not be redeemed.

The sender is not responsible for the operation of other companies, the implementation of the selected mode of transport or the operation of the transport company in any way.

Force majeure

A strike, lockout, fire, machine breakdown, lack of raw materials, official action or other force majeure beyond the seller's control exempts from complying with the agreed delivery time. The subscriber does not have the right to claim damages due to this.

For example, Corona can cause delays in the transport chain or something similar, for which the sender is not aware or responsible. Weather conditions, especially in winter, can also complicate and delay both orders and deliveries.

Ownership rights

The goods become the customer's property when they have been paid for in full.

Payment methods

In the Frenchic Finland online store, Paytrail acts as a payment intermediary service implementer and payment service provider. With us, you can pay securely with online payments from Finnish banks, the most common credit cards, Collector invoice and Mobilepay. We are a domestic, safe online store - our products are delivered to you quickly from Tampere. Welcome to shopping!

Paketet livaras för avhämmtning av mögsätteren either till det avhämtningställe som avsändaren valt eller till det avhämtningsstället som definirats avgårds avhämmingerens adress.

Delivery time is 3-8 days. Mottagaren får ett textmessage when the package is abhämtas and therefore the phone number is not mandatory information. I telefonnumret ska landskoden och dess prefix beaktas, till exempel +46 123 456 789.

Paketet förvaras vid avhämmtatsställena i Sverige 7 dygn och i Danmark 14 dygn, varefter paket som inte avhämtats sänds i retur till avsändaren på avsändarens bekostnad. Ingen avtosfri kundretur.

The shipment consists of a package, the maximum weight of which is 20 kg and the minimum weight of 0.150 kg. The maximum length is 150 cm, the length + circumference is 300 cm and the minimum dimensions are 14 x 9 x 15 cm.

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